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Networking Benefits

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What Do You Get From a Workshop?

The Summit series of workshops are unique in bringing together a faculty of top photographers, editors and curators. They come with differing backgrounds, tastes and areas of expertise. And that provides not just a mix but an opportunity unlike other workshops.

Not only is there top instruction (the faculty is picked not only for their accomplishments, but also for their teaching abilities) and opportunity to photograph is great settings with continuing critiques, there is the individual contact that goes far beyond portfolio reviews.

The networking at the Summit is unique. Consider these things that have happened.

Lauren Greenfield, as an attendee, showed her pictures to publisher/packager Charles Melcher -- who signed her to a book contract that resulted in "Fast Forward" and accelerated her career in -- a fast forward. Today, she is a member of the acclaimed VII Group.

John Weller, student, showed his pictures of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado. Immediately, American Photo editor-in-chief featured them in the next issue of the magazine. Chris Johns, editor-in-chief of National Geographic ran them in his magazine. And the National Museum of Wildlife Art -- where the Summit workshops are headquartered -- featured them in a major exhibition the next year.

Chris Anderson attended the workshop years ago when he was a photographer at a Colorado daily newspaper -- and from the people he met including the picture editor of Time magazine, he decided to take the freelance route. In the years since, he has been over the world for a variety of magazines and this past year, was voted into the prestigious cooperative, Magnum.

Bobby Model attended the workshop the first time while a student at the University of Wyoming, returned and met editors including Bill Allen, then editor-in-chief of National Geographic along with Chris Johns, then senior assistant editor. It began a series of cooperative adventures and assignments for the magazine that combined Bobby's mountaineering skills with his photography.

Charles Laberge attended the Sports Photography Workshop where he met Matt Ginella, director of photography of Golf Digest and Golf World. Today, he is one of the regular photographers doing work for those magazines along with others to whom Ginella has given assignments. And in fact, Ginella comes to that workshop every year in search of new talent.

These are only a few examples of workshop attendees whose careers took a big step forward afterward. And as Rich Clarkson, the originator and organizer of the workshops (former director of photography of National Geographic, Denver Post and Topeka Capital-Journal) as said, "Half of the people I have hired in my lifetime I first met at a workshop. It is the prefect place to find new talent."

Photos left to right: © Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC, Tom Ewart/NWA Photography, Lance Wynn  

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