Sports Workshop
Colorado Springs | July, 2016

Master elite techniques that are imperative in the sports photography industry. We bring in the best to teach you the best.

The Pinnacle of Sports Photography

One of the most popular workshops in America, the Summit Sports Workshop, brings together a faculty of top international sports photographers and editors. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to listen to, study with, and network with the very individuals who are uniquely positioned to help with career development. Included in the instructional sessions will be lectures on remote camera installations, large arena lighting, and the business of freelance sports photography.

Our Approach

As with all the Summit Series, we offer a wide mix of opinions and techniques so that attendees will have many take-aways. Through team teaching, you are able to experience the range of creative talent and their hidden secrets — or better yet their mistakes — that are meant to be learned from. We also value the importance of hands-on learning complemented with classroom education so there is something for everybody’s learning style.

LightingNew workshop

$ 1395

Per Month
  • April 2016 (Dates TBD)
  • $395 Refundable Deposit*
  • Denver, CO
  • Advanced techniques
  • Small faculty-student ratio
  • 10% Discount Applicable

SportsMost Popular

$ 1950

Per Month
  • July 2016 (Dates TBD)
  • $395 Refundable Deposit*
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • U.S. Olympic Training Center
  • Professional Baseball Games
  • 10% Discount Applicable

Alaskasmall group

$ 6995

Per Month
  • JULY 15 – 19, 2016
  • Includes housing & food
  • Silver Salmon Creek Lodge
  • Habitat of brown bears, bald eagles, whales, and more
  • Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
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AdventureFastest Growing

$ 1950

Per Month
  • SEPT 17-22, 2016
  • $395 Refundable Deposit*
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Rock Climb, Kayak, and more
  • Night of camping
  • 10% Discount Applicable

NatureLongest running

$ 2350

Per Month
  • SEPT 25-30, 2016
  • $395 Refundable Deposit*
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • On-location in Grand Tetons
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • 10% Discount Applicable

TanzaniaA True Safari

$ 10,500

Per Month
  • MARCH 5-18, 2016
  • Most meals, all transfers included
  • Serengeti
  • Game drives in desert, crater areas
  • Lions, elephants, giraffes, and more
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On-Location Variety of Sports

Coinciding with the Rocky Mountain State Games, we are able to offer experience in dozens of sports from baseball, skateboarding, cycling, kayaking, and tons more!

Educational Balance

The field shooting is complemented with proper education in the classroom with engaging topics of software, remote camera setup, fast action shooting, and many more.

U.S. Olympic Training Center

For decades, we have partnered with the Olympic Training Center to combine the best in sports photography with the elite athletes in the country.

The Summit Community

The networking comes in all shapes and sizes throughout the week. It is the most underrated, yet most valuable aspect of the Summit Series that continues past the Workshop week.

A look into the Summit Sports Workshop

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What makes the Summit Series unique?

The Summit Series of Workshops are known for their well-rounded style of education. We bring in the best faculty in the industry and accompany it with with a mix of critiques, portfolio reviews, classroom instruction, on-location shoots, and social gatherings. The Summit is also powered by Clarkson Creative, a team of photographers, multimedia specialists, and creatives. We work in the industry day-in and day-out with extreme passion and knowledge for the amazing world of visual storytelling that we infuse with education.

Elite Team of Faculty

All of our workshops bring the best of the industry together to share their differing opinions and educate the next generation of young creatives.

Classroom Instruction

In the classroom, we cover the basic to advanced knowledge that pushes your craft to the next level. This can include software training, workflow techniques, and a dissection of the industry.

On-Location Shooting

As they say, you only learn by doing. We take you out in the field in a variety of scenarios side-by-side the Summit faculty. We also have Nikon bodies and lenses available for trying out a range of high-end equipment.

Portfolio Reviews

We ensure 1-on-1 time with faculty for them to view your photography portfolio. This benefit has resulted in many assignments given after the workshop.

Image Critiques

The group looks at images taken at the workshop daily to offer opinions, improvements, and analysis of the photographs. It is always impressive how much everyone grows over the workshop.

Social Networking

Rated highest with attendees is the time dedicated to networking and getting to know each other. Faculty, staff, & attendees intermingle throughout the time in many formal and casual settings.

10% Workshop Discount for Alumni, Photo Educators, Students,
and members of NPPA, NPS, ASMP & NANPA

Denver International Airport: DIA will have the most flight options and cheaper fares. However, you will then have to travel to Colorado Springs (90 miles) by rental car or shuttle. Take the Corporate Dr exit, EXIT 148, toward Nevada Ave/Rockrimmon Blvd. Take the 1st right onto S Rockrimmon BlvdTurn left onto Tech Center Dr5580 TECH CENTER DR is on the right.

Colorado Springs Airport: The Springs Airport is the closest airport with fewer flight options but the added value is travel time as well as not needing to rent a car. You are able to take a taxi and rely on other Workshop cars easily for cheaper.

A rental car is encouraged, but not needed. Many venues require a drive, however, we promote car pooling and many without cars can get everywhere they need.

The only foreseen downfall without your own car is you may have to tailor the schedule to others. For example, if you want baseball, then swimming, then velodrome — that may be tougher with joining someone else. The plus is that plenty of cars are going to each venue and there’s always ways of finagling your desired trip by pairing up or switching cars for another venue.

Nikon will have digital cameras to loan on a 24-hour basis as well as a variety of lenses and the manufacturers room will also be stocked with a wide variety of gear for demo and sale at special discount.

We ask that you bring all of the equipment with which you normally shoot, especially Nikon users, as you will be able to use the large consignment of Nikon cameras and lenses in conjunction with your own. Photographers that currently use other brands of cameras are free to use your own equipment. You’ll need to provide your own laptop or other workstation to download and edit your images, though we can assist you with a variety of demo software available.

Make sure to pack clothing options for all days. They are long days so you may change at least once a day so pack extra for that. Colorado summers will be hot, but not scorching, so bring shorts, sunscreen/hat, and comfortable shoes (!!) to work in the heat. Also, bring a rain jacket and some cold weather gear in case of storms. You will also want to bring a few more formal options (if you desire) for the welcome and closing receptions.

Colorado July weather can range from 60-90 degrees — most of the time in the middle. The most important item is sunscreen as it will be sunny most days and you’re closer to the sun! Also, we have the occasional rainstorm — it won’t last all day — but be prepared for a random change in weather. Tornadoes and lightning are seldom, but can happen. For the most part though, our Sports Workshop has had near perfect weather for all sports scenarios.

Workshop HQ

This will be the headquarters for the workshop. This includes classroom instruction,receptions, and Nikon & Manufacture rooms.

Colorado Springs Marriott

5580 Tech Center Drive
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 260-1800

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To download last year’s detailed schedule, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
Keep in mind, we are constantly updating to make every year better.


  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Lighting with Strobes
  • Photoshop/Lightroom Education
  • Welcome Reception


  • Class: Techniques in Shooting Outdoor
  • Class: Advanced Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Class: PocketWizard, HyperSync, Metering
  • On-Location: Aquatic with Strobes
  • On-Location: BMX, Judo, Wrestling
  • Class: Introduction to Lighting
  • Night Presentation


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Leveraging Technology
  • Class: Wireless TTL Flash
  • On-Location: Aquatic with Strobes
  • On-Location: Basketball, Hockey, Skate Park
  • Class: Speedlights & Studio Strobes
  • Night Presentation


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: The Freelance World
  • Class: Marketing Yourself
  • On-Location: MotoCross with Strobes
  • On-Location: Softball, Velodrome, MotoCross
  • Class: Lighting the Portrait
  • Night Presentation
  • Photographers’ Social


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Improve your Digital Workflow/li>
  • Class: TBD
  • On-Location: MotoCross with Strobes
  • On-Location: Portrait Demo
  • Class: Live Portrait Session
  • Night Presentation


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Phone Call to Final Image
  • Instructor Roundtable
  • Final Dinner
  • Photographers’ Social