Lighting Workshop
April 2017  | Denver, CO

Learn to light your photography with experts Dave Black, Joey Terrill and Matt Hernandez.
From studio and portraiture lighting to action sports and on-location lighting.

Alaska Photography Workshop
2017 - TBD | Silver Salmon Creek Lodge

Explore the last frontier with National Geographic photographers Bob Smith and Michael Forsberg.
Photograph bears, eagles, puffins, and the best of the Alaskan landscape.

Sports Photography Workshop
July 27 - Aug 1, 2016 | Denver, CO

Come join a team of sports shooters and editors from Sports Illustrated, AP, and more!
Learn remote camera setups, sports lighting and hypersync, the business of sports photography, and much more!

Adventure Photography Workshop
Sept 17 - 22, 2016 | Jackson, WY

Thrill-seekers and adventure-junkies rejoice! Join a team of photographers and editors from National 
Geographic, The North Face, Red Bull, and more as you capture extreme sports and outdoor lifestyle photography.

Nature & Wildlife Photography Workshop
Sept 25 - 30, 2016 | Jackson, WY

Our longest-running workshop of the series! Join an acclaimed team of faculty including Tom Mangelsen,
Ami Vitale, Dave Burnett, William Albert Allard, and more as you capture the best of nature and wildlife in Jackson, WY.

Sandhill Cranes Photography Workshop 
March 2017 | Kearney, NE

Fly away with nature photographers Melissa Groo and Michael Forsberg and capture the 
amazing migration of Sandhill Cranes as they arrive along the Platte River Basin in Nebraska.

The Most Unique Workshops

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops has a unique system that allows you to attend workshops in awe-inspiring locations that promote creativity and growth, and to receive a priceless education from our team of elite, professional photographers, editors, and filmmakers. You simply cannot find another workshop that delivers more guidance and expert advice than a Summit Workshop. Let us help your photography flourish!

By Creatives, For Creatives

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops is powered by Clarkson Creative, a media production company founded by Rich Clarkson that specializes in fine photography and creative media production. Being backed by a team of photographers, videographers and digital media specialists allows our workshops to provide participants an environment that promotes creativity and growth. We’re here for you and your photography.

The Best of Learning with Nikon

nikonOur partnership with Nikon Professional Services has been one of our longest relationships in the lifetime of our workshops. Nikon has always held educating the next generation of photographers as a top priority — and at the Summit it is no different.

At our photography workshops, Nikon allows photographers to learn and improve on the latest equipment. They provide in-person technical support as well as consignment bodies and lenses for use throughout the workshop time. All participants, whether they are Nikon shooters or not, are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why Be a Part of the Summit?

The Summit Series of Photography Workshops represents the pinnacle of continuing education in photography. Our premier workshops combine the best instruction in photography and latest digital technologies with top-level creativity and the best career networking available anywhere. This has led to over 30 years of successful Summit Workshops with a reputation for being the best of the best.

With Summit Online, we are able to bring you the same premier photography education without you having to leave your own home. Enjoy these high-end online photo courses on your own time from any device!

Meet the Best in the Industry

For over three decades, we have brought the most elite photographers, editors, and creatives from all over the country and abroad to be a part of our unique ‘team-teaching’ workshops.

Networking to the Extreme

Workshop alumni regard the Summit networking as the best tool to jumpstart a career, collaborate on new ideas, and build a rolodex of top-notch creatives.

Online Education

Bring our top-tier workshops home with you and watch our high-quality online photography courses that cover topics from editing to engagement photography to photo research.

High Attendee Satisfaction

You will not find a more personable and organized educational workshop that has the sole focus of bettering you in the expanding creative world. We are here for you!


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10% Non-Destination Workshop Discount for Alumni, Photo Educators,
Students, and NPPA, NPS, ASMP and NANPA members.

Go for gold and attend the most popular sports photography workshop in America. You’ll be accompanied by an elite team of instructors that include photographers and editors from national and local organizations, as well as freelance photographers. In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot a multitude of sports while learning sports photography shooting techniques, remote camera setups, creative lighting setups, and the business of freelance sports photography. Our Sports workshop is for shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

© 2015 Philippe Bouchard

© 2015 Philippe Bouchard


© 2014 Keith Allen


© 2013 Michael Hall


© 2013 Keith Allen


© 2013 Dan Bartel


Olympic Boxing

Action and adventure junkies rejoice! Embark on a photography adventure in the Grand Tetons with a team of adventure photographers and editors from National Geographic, Red Bull, The North Face, and more. Don’t simply follow expert adventure photographers on a journey; learn the shooting and scouting techniques from them that you can use to create your own adventure, and even spend a night camping and networking with them. In this class, you’ll learn to shoot adventure sports like rock climbing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and trail running, while also learning how to shoot outdoor lifestyle and product photography. The Adventure workshop is for photographers of all skill levels, and although some hiking is required, there is no recommended level of fitness.

© 2015 Bruce McCallum

© 2015 Bruce McCallum

© 2015 Tobias Butterfield

© 2015 Tobias Butterfield

© 2015 Sarah Desjardins

© 2015 Sarah Desjardins


© 2012 Tommy Penick


© 2012 Drew Ingram


© 2012 Blair Lockhart

The Nature workshop, also called Photography at the Summit, is the longest-running workshop in the Summit series. It brings together a faculty of top international photographers and editors — many from National Geographic — and combines it with the beautiful setting of the Grand Tetons. This workshop provides participants the opportunity to learn from, photograph alongside, and network with the very individuals who are uniquely positioned to help with your career development. While many nature workshops provide you with an opportunity to shoot outstanding nature photos, we take it one step further by truly offering you a chance to both expand your portfolio and to expand your network. Included in the instructional sessions will be lectures on conservation photography, freelance photography, and marketing and software/technology.


© 2012 John Salisbury


© 2012 Marlee Ellen Miller


© 2012 Howard Arndt


© 2013 Greg Underwood


© 2013 Eldon Clark


© 2012 Chris Carruth

Bring your photography out of the darkness with lighting experts Dave Black, Joey Terrill and Matt Hernandez. Do not just learn about lighting equipment, learn how to effectively use that equipment in different settings to capture creative and portfolio-ready images. In this class, Dave will take you on-location to teach high speed sync and lighting for action and sports, Joey will take you through the entire lighting setup for studio portraits, and Matt will teach you how to create a unique style with your photography using lighting. Our Lighting workshop is not highly-technical in nature, and photographers at all levels from novice to professional are welcome.

Photo by Kai Casey

© 2014 Kai Casey


© 2014 Dane Cronin

© 2015 Emilie Milcarek

© 2015 Emilie Milcarek

Corey Solotrovski_lighting

© 2015 Corey Solotrovski

Kelsey Brunner_lighting

© 2015 Kelsey Brunner


© 2014 Casey Hall


Purchase your full workshop tuition now or purchase a deposit and pay the remainder before the workshop.

It’s time to fly! Join elite nature photographers Michael Forsberg and Melissa Groo along the Platte River in Nebraska to photograph one of nature’s oldest and largest migrations. For millions of years, Sandhill Cranes have migrated through North America on their way to breeding grounds up North, and the Platte River in Nebraska has long been one of their landing destinations. In this workshop, you’ll be immersed in the blind and have ample opportunity to capture stunning images of cranes and other wildlife.

© 2016 Carl Henry

© 2016 Carl Henry

Photo by Michael Forsberg

© Michael Forsberg

Sandhill cranes, Platte River valley, Nebraska. © Michael Forserg

© Michael Forsberg

Platte River, Nebraska.
Migrating Sandhill cranes on river roost at first light. © Michael Forserg

© Michael Forsberg

Platte River valley, Nebraska

Migrating sandhill cranes standing in field of corn stubble day after large blizzard. © Michael Forserg

© Michael Forsberg

Photo by Michael Forsberg

© Michael Forsberg

Travel to America’s “Final Frontier” and discover the most remote and natural settings to photograph wildlife and beautiful Alaskan scenics. Capture stunning images of  bears, eagles, puffins, seals and more alongside two National Geographic photographers, Bob Smith and Michael Forsberg. Learn not only the technical aspects of shooting nature photography, but also learn how a Nat Geo photographer prepares for and executes a nature shoot. Our Alaska workshop is not simply a photography trip, it’s an educational journey that will make you a better and more knowledgable photographer while providing you with portfolio-ready images.


© 2013 Andy Dyson


© 2013 Foto’s by Field


River Crossing


© 2013 Andy Dyson


© 2013 Andy Dyson


Dinner Time