Location: Jackson, Wyoming

Dates: September 25-30, 2016

Deposit: $395 / Tuition: $2,395

The Nature workshop, also called Photography at the Summit, is the longest-running workshop in the Summit series. It brings together a faculty of top international photographers and editors — many from National Geographic — and combines it with the beautiful setting of the Grand Tetons. This workshop provides participants the opportunity to learn from, photograph alongside, and network with the very individuals who are uniquely positioned to help with your career development. While many nature workshops provide you with an opportunity to shoot outstanding nature photos, we take it one step further by truly offering you a chance to both expand your portfolio and to expand your network. Included in the instructional sessions will be lectures on conservation photography, freelance photography, and marketing and software/technology.

The workshop classroom is located at the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

The workshop hotel is the Alpine House, call and mention the Summit Nature Workshop for the discounted group rate.

What you’ll learn:

Composition and Nature Photography Techniques.
Conservation in Photography and Photojournalism.
Social Media and Marketing Techniques.
Building and Organizing your Portfolio.
Freelance and the Business of Nature Photography.



This is by far the best workshop of its kind. No where will you find a more talented group of instructors who genuinely care about turning their students into better photographers.

Jennifer Leigh Warner

The Summit Workshop has no equal; the instructors, staff and other students all ensure that your photography improves measurably during the time you are there, and beyond. It is the best photographic education you can get in such a short time.

David Fink

The Summit Nature Workshop is the best workshop I've been to thus far! The talent and level of expertise in the instructors and the staff is amazing! To have all of that knowledge together in one place and the networking that goes on is priceless! I'm already planning my next trip!

Stephanie Adams



To download last year’s schedule, PLEASE CLICK HERE.
Keep in mind, we are constantly updating to make every year better.


  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Approaching Wildlife Photography
  • Welcome Reception


  • Class: Advanced Hands-on DSLR
  • Class: Advanced Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Class: PocketWizard, HyperSync, Metering
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • On-Location: Grand Teton, Mormon Row
  • Night Presentation


  • On-Location: Sunrise, Wildlife
  • On-Location: OxBow Bend, Mormon Row
  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Camera Care & Cleaning Tips
  • Class: Off-Camera Lighting
  • Class: Lightpainting
  • Images of Nature Gallery Reception
  • Night Presentation


  • On-Location: Fall Changing Colors
  • On-Location: Teton National Park
  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Ultimate Digital Light Table
  • Class: Printing from Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Night Presentation


  • On-Location: Capture wildlife
  • On-Location: Jenny Lake
  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Marketing for Photographers
  • Night Presentation


  • On Location: TBD
  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Approaching Editors
  • Instructor Roundtable
  • Final Dinner
  • Photographers’ Social






Purchase your full workshop tuition now or purchase a deposit and pay the remainder before the workshop.

10% Nature Workshop Discount for Alumni, Photo Educators,
Students, and NPPA, NPS, ASMP and NANPA members.

Also called Photography at the Summit, the Nature workshop combines the the beautiful natural setting of Jackson Hole, WY with the expert information advice from an all-star cast of instructors. Capture stunning images of the Grand Tetons and an abundance of wildlife including bears, moose, elk, bison, and more, while you’re given instruction, portfolio reviews, and networking opportunities from a team of photographers and editors from National Geographic, NPPA, The Washington Post, and more!

Workshop tuition includes all workshop instruction and events, access to Nikon equipment for use during the workshop, and some meals.

Workshop tuition does not include travel before and after workshop, lodging during the workshop, transportation to workshop events, and most meals. For transportation and lodging info, continue to the next tabs.

Alpine House

285 Glenwood St
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 739-1570

  • This will be the hotel for the workshop. Most faculty and participants will be staying here.
  • For rental car and room sharing visit the 2016 Nature Workshop Facebook Page.

National Museum of Wildlife Art

2820 Rungius Road
Jackson, WY
(877) 313-9553

  • This will be the headquarters for the workshop. This includes classroom instruction,receptions, and Nikon & Manufacture rooms.
  • Jackson Hole Airport: This is the closest airport to the area. You may either get a car rental at the airport or take a taxi service into town.
  • Idaho Falls Airport: If flights in Jackson are fully booked, Idaho Falls is the next nearest airport (about 2 hours by car). With this option, a rental car is strongly encouraged.
  • Driving: If you are within a few states, driving might be an option. Just keep in mind that Western Wyoming can be difficult to drive with windy and/or snowy conditions during the Fall season.
  • A rental car is encouraged, but not needed. Many venues require a drive and can be spread out, however, we promote car pooling and many attendees without cars can get everywhere they need.
  • The daily drives consists of early morning shoots, then to Workshop HQ, back to town, and then lastly back to Workshop HQ for the nightly presentation. If you don’t drive, pitch in for gas. If you do, carpool a few and get your gas paid for!
  • For rental car and hotel room sharing visit the 2016 Nature Workshop Facebook Page.
  • Nikon will have digital cameras to loan on a 24-hour basis as well as a variety of lenses and the manufacturers room will also be stocked with a wide variety of gear for demo and sale at special discount.
  • We ask that you bring all of the equipment with which you normally shoot, especially Nikon users, as you will be able to use the large consignment of Nikon cameras and lenses in conjunction with your own. Photographers that currently use other brands of cameras are free to use your own equipment. You’ll need to provide your own laptop or other workstation to download and edit your images, though we can assist you with a variety of demo software available.
  • Make sure to pack clothing options for all days. They are long days so you may change at least once a day so pack extra for that. Jackson in the fall usually gives you a mix of all weather. The most important thing is to bring WARM clothes for the morning shoots that start before sunrise. This includes many layers, hats, gloves, and anything else to keep you warm dealing with your cold, metal equipment.
  • You will also want to bring a few more formal options (if you desire) for the welcome and closing receptions.
  • The great thing about the Nature Workshop is that it usually gives us a range of weather. That includes some days of clear skies and sunshine, some snow, some cold, and in between.
  • The early mornings and afternoons are the times you will be outside so prepare for any conditions. Inclement weather does not cancel Workshop shoots or instruction — after all, “weather makes better pictures!”.


Advance your Nature Photography skills even further.

Summit Online is our online photography education platform that offers a variety of high quality video courses taught by experts.

National Geographic Research with Jim Richardson

Get the most out of your Nature & Wildlife Workshop by learning how to properly research the location your traveling to and approaching the “story” like a National Geographic photographer would. Our Summit Online photography course, National Geographic Research with Jim Richardson, takes you where very few have ever been before — behind the yellow border. Jim brings you inside many of his Geographic stories and what ties them all together: his research. Get into the mind of a Nat Geo photographer as you prepare to meet the Nature Workshop faculty that includes several Geographic veterans. National Geographic Research with Jim Richardson includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson One: Finding a Topic, Pitching a Story
  • Lesson Two: Starting a Mock Research Topic
  • Lesson Three: Getting into the Details & Outline
  • Lesson Four: The Actual Shoot

The Digital World with Allen Murabayashi

Prepare for your Nature & Wildlife Workshop by learning how to properly upload and market the photos you capture while you’re there. Our Summit Online photography course, The Digital World with Allen Murabayashi, takes you on a journey through the digital world that drives today’s creative industry. As a Co-Founder of the unique website Photoshelter.com, Allen provides you with online tools that can better your freelance photography business and personal processes relating to photography and other creative realms. The Digital World with Allen Murabayashi includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson One: Overview of Media & Industry
  • Lesson Two: The Business of Photography
  • Lesson Three: Photoshelter tool : Photo Management
  • Lesson Four: Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Bounce Rates and More


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Platte River valley, Nebraska

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