Location: Denver, Colorado

Dates: July 27 – Aug 1, 2016

Deposit: $395 / Tuition: $1,995

Go for gold and attend the most popular sports photography workshop in America. You’ll be accompanied by an elite team of instructors that include photographers and editors from national and local organizations, as well as freelance photographers. In this class, you’ll have the opportunity to shoot a multitude of sports while learning sports photography shooting techniques, remote camera setups, creative lighting setups, and the business of freelance sports photography. Our Sports workshop is for shooters of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

The workshop hotel and classroom are located at the Springhill Suites in Denver.

Visit the link HERE to receive the discounted group rate at the Springhill Suites.

What you’ll learn:

Settings/Techniques for Shooting Sports
How to Setup/Operate Remote Cameras
Arena Lighting and Lighting for Sports
Sports Portrait Setup/Shoot
The Business of Freelance Sports Photography



Absolutely the best workshop I have ever attended. Instructors hands-on teaching in the field is priceless! Critiques are a difference-maker, teaching and seeing what makes a good picture has made all the difference. I will be a better photographer because of this course.

Greg Collier

My second time taking this workshop. I highly recommend taking (the sports) workshop more than once; I have learned a tremendous amount. Thank you for the outstanding workshop.

Wendy Collison

One thing that occurred to me is that this is really the first time I have been immersed in a surrounding of all sports photography. It’s made me realize what is possible besides my little corner of the world. It opened my eyes to possibilities.

Cyndi Chambers



To download last year’s schedulePLEASE CLICK HERE.
Keep in mind, we are constantly updating to make every year better.


  • Intro to Digital Photography
  • Lighting with Strobes
  • Photoshop/Lightroom Education
  • Welcome Reception


  • Class: Techniques in Shooting Outdoors
  • Class: Advanced Photoshop/Lightroom
  • Class: PocketWizard, HyperSync, Metering
  • On-Location: Aquatic with Strobes
  • On-Location: BMX, Wrestling
  • Class: Introduction to Lighting
  • Night Presentation


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Leveraging Technology
  • Class: Wireless TTL Flash
  • On-Location: Aquatic with Strobes
  • On-Location: Basketball, Hockey, Skate Park
  • Class: Speedlights and Studio Strobes
  • Night Presentation


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: The Freelance World
  • Class: Marketing Yourself
  • On-Location: MotoCross with Strobes
  • On-Location: Softball, Velodrome, MotoCross
  • Class: Lighting the Portrait
  • Night Presentation
  • Photographers’ Social


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: Improve your Digital Workflow
  • On-Location: MotoCross with Strobes
  • On-Location: Portrait Demo
  • Class: Live Portrait Session
  • Night Presentation


  • Image Critiques
  • Class: From Phone Call to Final Image
  • Instructional Roundtable
  • Final Dinner
  • Photographers’ Social
  • Closing Dinner presented by Nikon


Purchase your full workshop tuition now or purchase a deposit and pay the remainder before the workshop.

10% Sports Workshop Discount for Alumni, Photo Educators,
Students, and NPPA, NPS, ASMP and NANPA members.

One of the most popular photography workshops in America, the Sports Photography Workshop brings together a faculty of top international sports photographers and editors and combines it with the best instruction and the best opportunity to shoot sports action. This workshop allows attendants to work with and learn from those who are directly tied to their career development and advancement opportunities, as well as working with lighting and other equipment to learn how to elevate their photography.

The 2016 Sports Workshop has been moved from Colorado Springs to Denver due to the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and the lack of athletes present at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Workshop tuition includes all workshop instruction and events, access to Nikon equipment for use during the workshop, and some meals.

Workshop tuition does not include travel before and after workshop, transportation to workshop events, lodging during the workshop, and most meals. For transportation and lodging info, visit the next tabs.

Springhill Suites – Downtown Denver

1190 Auraria Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 705-7300

  • This will be the hotel and headquarters for the workshop. This includes classroom instruction, receptions, and Nikon & vendor rooms.
  • Call and mention “Sports Photography Workshop” for discounted group rate.
  • For rental car and hotel room sharing visit the 2016 Sports Workshop Facebook Page.
  • Denver International Airport: DIA is 30-40 minutes away from downtown Denver. Shuttles, taxi cabs and rental cars are readily available to get from the airport to the downtown area. More on whether or not you need a rental car in the transportation section…
  • A rental car is encouraged, but not needed. Many of the sporting events take place in the general vicinity of the workshop headquarters, but most are a drive away. We work with attendants to arrange carpooling and no one goes without a ride to an event.
  • The only foreseen downfall without your own car is you may have to conform the events that you want to go to with the events that your ride wants to go to. For example, if you want baseball, then swimming, then velodrome — that may be tougher when joining someone else.
  • Nikon will have digital cameras to loan on a 24-hour basis as well as a variety of lenses and the manufacturers room will also be stocked with a wide variety of gear for demo and sale at special discount.
  • We ask that you bring all of the equipment with which you normally shoot, especially Nikon users, as you will be able to use the large consignment of Nikon cameras and lenses in conjunction with your own. Photographers that currently use other brands of cameras are free to use your own equipment. You’ll need to provide your own laptop or other workstation to download and edit your images, though we can assist you with a variety of demo software available.
  • Make sure to pack clothing options for all days. They are long days so you may change at least once a day so pack extra for that. Colorado summers will be hot, but not scorching, so bring shorts, sunscreen/hat, and comfortable shoes (!!) to work in the heat.
  • Also, bring a rain jacket and some cold weather gear in case of storms. You will also want to bring a few more formal options (if you desire) for the welcome and closing receptions.
  • Colorado July weather can range from 60-90 degrees — most of the time in the middle. The most important item is sunscreen as it will be sunny most days and you’re closer to the sun!
  • Also, we have the occasional rainstorm — it won’t last all day — but be prepared for a random change in weather. Tornadoes and lightning are seldom, but can happen. For the most part though, our Sports Workshop has had near perfect weather for all sports scenarios.


Advance your Sports Photography even further.

Summit Online is our online photography education platform that offers a variety of high quality video courses taught by experts.

Inside an Editor’s Mind with Brad Smith

Prepare for the Sports Workshop by discovering what an editor at a major publication is looking for in sports photography. Our Summit Online photography course, Inside an Editor’s Mind with Brad Smith, takes you through an Olympic Training Center aquatic arena and assesses the location to find the most optimal locations for photographers. Brad, the former Director of Photography at Sports Illustrated, walks you behind closed doors to show you the best vantage points to capture from and how to get the best photograph while you’re there. Inside an Editor’s Mind with Brad Smith includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson One: Mock Assignment
  • Lesson Two: Receiving the Edit
  • Lesson Three: Editing Down Selects
  • Lesson Four: Translating to the Magazine

Working with Remotes with John McDonough

Be ahead of the game at the Sports Workshop by already knowing the in’s and out’s of setting up remote cameras. Our Summit Online photography course, Working with Remotes with John McDonough, goes in depth on the setup, safety, and execution of using remote cameras to capture a live sports event. John shows you how he would setup his remotes to capture a basketball game at the official site of the Colorado College Tigers basketball team. Working with Remotes with John McDonough includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson One: Gear Overview
  • Lesson Two: How to setup a Remote
  • Lesson Three: Remote in-action Part I
  • Lesson Four: Remote in-action Part II
  • Lesson Five: Post Editing

Portrait Lighting with Joey Terrill

Want to show up at the Sports Workshop and already have a working knowledge of how to effectively light portraits of athletes? Our Summit Online photography course, Portrait Lighting with Joey Terrill, takes you into the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO to photograph a variety of portrait shoots with a USA Olympic Fencer. Not only will the course introduce you to the extensive principles of lighting portraits, it will also introduce you to working with a high-caliber athlete and how to accurately pose your subject. Portrait Lighting with Joey Terrill includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson One: Setting Up for the Shoot
  • Lesson Two: Working with Models
  • Lesson Three: Portrait Shoot In-Action – Part 1
  • Lesson Four: Portrait Shoot In-Action – Part 2
  • Lesson Five: Computer Editing


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